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Briarpatch Restaurant

Location: 252 N Park Ave Winter Park, FL 32789

I have the best friends in the world and on my birthday, they knew the way to my heart was through food! The day was full of surprises that I knew nothing about the Briarpatch was one of the most pleasant memories from that day.  Continue reading “Briarpatch Restaurant”


Lakeland Edition: The Poor Porker

Location: 801 E Main Street Lakeland, FL 33801

So, I’ve been to New Orleans, I’ve been around, I’ve had beignets. And in sleepy little Lakeland, Florida I have found the softest, crispest, most delicious beignets my taste buds have had the pleasure of tasting.

En route to picking up some friends from a cruise in Tampa, I got a bit peckish. I’d heard about The Poor Porker before an decided to give myself a little breakfast treat. Continue reading “Lakeland Edition: The Poor Porker”

The Whiskey

Location: 7563 Sand Lake Road Orlando, Florida 32819

The Whiskey is a place I had been scoping out for a while. Orlando Weekly, a local paper that highlights local restaurants, events, companies, etc., had put together a list of new restaurant openings, and because of it’s close proximity to where I live, The Whiskey caught my eye.

I was checking out the menu online when my eyes passed over trigger words that made my mouth water…wagyu beef, pork belly, garlic aioli. Was it possible that all of my deliciously favorite flavors could all be found in perfect trifecta on one burger?! Continue reading “The Whiskey”

Yellow Dog Eats

Location: 1236 Hempel Avenue Windermere, Florida 34786

Yellow Dog Eats and I go way back. I stumbled across this place in my endless online searching for the best food in Central Florida. Admittedly, this place is off the beaten track, but isn’t that where some of the best food is found?!

This eclectic (trust me, when you go, you’ll see!) restaurant has a menu that matches its decor. Nothing here is standard, but everything is delicious. My latest visit was no exception. Continue reading “Yellow Dog Eats”

Kona Dog Food Truck

Kona Dog and I go way, way back. Before it was a food truck , Kona Dog was a small, unsuspecting food stand located amidst all the chaos of International Drive in Orlando. I was devastated when after only a few visits, Kona Dog ceased to exist. Little did I know it was prepping itself for bigger, better, and more portable things.

I ran into the food truck one weeknight while driving home from a coffee run. I squealed a little, much to the dismay of my friend in the passenger’s seat, and immediately cut through traffic to make it to the truck.  Continue reading “Kona Dog Food Truck”

The Donut King

Location: 208 South Highway 27 Minneola, Florida 34715

I’m not sure how I’ve blogged for so long and never mentioned The Donut King. For years this has been my favorite place to go for the freshest, tastiest, most creative donuts in Central Florida!

The first time I went to The Donut King was late one Friday night after hanging out with friends. A friend of mine lived in the area and mentioned the place. We showed up to a small building with an old-fashioned fluorescent sign, and I’ll admit I was a little worried. I went in and was warmly greeted by trays and trays of donuts and all traces of worry were gone. Continue reading “The Donut King”

Shin Jung Korean Restaurant

Location: 1638 East Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32803

On a dark and stormy Sunday, I ventured out with a friend for some Asian comfort food. Lately, my go to has been Korean and to be honest, Orlando is pretty limited in its Korean food options. I’d heard about Shin Jung from others and decided to give it a shot.

When I sat down and looked over the menu, I decided on my go to dish when I eat Korean, Dol Sot BiBim Bop. Essentially it’s a heated stone pot with rice, pickled vegetables, and beef all topped with a fried egg. It’s such a simple dish but it’s so delicious! Continue reading “Shin Jung Korean Restaurant”

Se7en Bites

Location: 207 Primrose Drive Orlando, FL 32803

I woke up on a bright and sunny Saturday morning with food on my mind. Do you ever wake up with a food mood? Well mine was basically eat food that may potentially kill me with deliciousness. I thought for a moment and the perfect place came to mind, Se7en Bites. I’d been to this bakery/cafe once before and left with fond memories of the food. Continue reading “Se7en Bites”

Beth’s Burger Bar

Location: 5145 S. Orange Ave Orlando, FL, 32809

After my little D.C. trip, I was back home and ready to check out more of the food scene. I woke up on a Saturday with the idea of eating a really, really, really good burger on my mind. I tried to let the feeling pass, but it kept lingering, so with my resolve significantly lowered, I gave in and decided to seek out a burger.

A place I’d heard some buzz about, but hadn’t had the chance to try, was Beth’s. I walked in and was immediately greeted by a friendly server who explained the menu, went over some favorites, and gave me a chance to tone down my burger excitement. Continue reading “Beth’s Burger Bar”

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