Recommendable Edibles



Sofrito Latin Cafe

Location: 8607 Palm Parkway Orlando, Florida 32836

Ever wake up with a craving that just HAS to be satisfied?! The day I ventured to Sofrito was one of those days. I needed some Latin food in my life, and lucky for me, I knew just the place I wanted to go! I’d been eyeing Sofrito for a while. It was relatively new, located close to home, and was cute (always a plus)!  Continue reading “Sofrito Latin Cafe”


Austin Edition: Gourdough’s Public House

Location: 2700 S Lamar Boulevard Austin, TX 78704

Maybe donuts are becoming the theme of this trip? I’m not quite sure, but I’m not even mad about it. Because eating donuts on the road wasn’t enough, we got to Austin and the first thing we did was eat at a restaurant that specializes in donuts! I think my friends know the way to my heart.

I knew I would like Gourdough’s the moment I walked in. It was hipstery and cute, but very laid-back. The menu had so many amazing items on it, and some had witty innuendos as names, which made them all the more appealing.  Continue reading “Austin Edition: Gourdough’s Public House”

D.C. Revisited: Sardi’s Pollo a la Brasa

Location: 8643 Sudley Road Mannasas, VA 20110

Oh Sardi’s, how I love you so. my roommate had previously done a trip to the DC area and when she came home she was raving about Sardi’s. So I mean, how could I not check this place out while I was in town?!

I met up with a friend from the area and we headed over. The line was pretty long, but we were able look at the menu and finally decided to split their charbroiled chicken, plantains, and fried yucca. Ambitiously we ordered an entire chicken, but better more than less right? Continue reading “D.C. Revisited: Sardi’s Pollo a la Brasa”

Korean Food Adventure

Not only do I love to eat, but I love cooking too. When I was young, my dad would cook dinner and I would be his assistant, allowed to do small tasks like cutting veggies or stirring something simmering on the stove.

Now, I find cooking cathartic. If I’ve had a stressful week it’s nice to come home and just cook it out. It’s also an adventure in and of itself. Last week I decided to take a risk and work with a cuisine I love but am not too familiar with cooking…Korean food. It was a pretty ambitious effort, but I was ready to take on the task. Continue reading “Korean Food Adventure”

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