Recommendable Edibles



Lakeland Edition: The Poor Porker

Location: 801 E Main Street Lakeland, FL 33801

So, I’ve been to New Orleans, I’ve been around, I’ve had beignets. And in sleepy little Lakeland, Florida I have found the softest, crispest, most delicious beignets my taste buds have had the pleasure of tasting.

En route to picking up some friends from a cruise in Tampa, I got a bit peckish. I’d heard about The Poor Porker before an decided to give myself a little breakfast treat. Continue reading “Lakeland Edition: The Poor Porker”


Pensacola Edition: The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company

Location: 655 Pensacola Beach Boulevard Pensacola Beach, Florida 32561

I love coffee. That statement is already an understatement. I more than love coffee and whenever I travel I seek out the best of the best so I can compare notes. I woke up on a bright but cold morning and knew I needed a delicious cup of coffee to perk me up. No run-of-the-mill hotel coffee was going to do, so I searched a little and found The Drowsy Poet.

They had a pretty extensive menu, but I decided on a drink called the Poe. It was a latte flavored with dark chocolate and raspberry.I was slightly peckish, so I also got some toast with cheese and jam.  Continue reading “Pensacola Edition: The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company”

Philadelphia Edition: La Colombe

Location: 130 South 19th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

La Colombe. La Colombe. La Colombe.

If you’re looking for some of the best coffee you may drink in your entire life, this is the place. I know it’s a bold statement, but it’s a true one. I have loved this place for years and that feeling hasn’t diminished over time. This is the coffee standard I hold all other coffee places to.  Continue reading “Philadelphia Edition: La Colombe”

D.C. Edition: Busboys and Poets

Location: 2021 14th Street NW Washington D.C., 20009

As you have probably guessed by the title, Busboys and Poets is not a Central Florida eat, but bear with me. My logic? As Floridians stuck in a tourist destination, we at times like to take the occasional trip ourselves to play the tourist. Enter Washington D.C. and the deliciousness that is Busboys and Poets into my life. Continue reading “D.C. Edition: Busboys and Poets”


The last food adventure in my mini Atlanta trip series is a good one, Rise-N-Dine. The name was cute enough to catch my attention and once we got there, the place truly lived up to its cutesy name.

Rise-N-Dine is located close to Emory University and is a very quaint breakfast or lunch spot. My friends and I decided to get one last local meal together before I headed back to Orlando. The menu had so many delicious and interesting options, but I ended up settling on something that  I can assure you I had never seen before, it was called the Polish omelette, and it contained pierogies, kielbasa, onion, and cheddar cheese inside the omelette, topped off with some sour cream. With the omelette, I had a fresh homemade biscuit with apple butter (not sure if handmade, but it was delish regardless!). Continue reading “Rise-N-Dine”

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