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KrungThep Tea Time

Location: 1051 W. Fairbanks Avenue Winter Park, Florida 32789

I can honestly say I haven’t been to a place quite like Krungthep. It’s unique, delicious, and always leaves you wanting more. I ventured here with some friends for a nice afternoon treat and have no shame in saying I’ve gone back more times than I can count since.

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Philadelphia Edition: Capogiro

Location: 117 South 20th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

Capogiro is a sweet treat that I would pretty much devour under any conditions. I’ve eaten it in 20 degree weather and in the full blast of the hot summer sun. There are no limits to my gelato consumption, especially from this place!

Capogiro and I had a short but meaningful love affair back in 2013 when I interned a couple of blocks away. When I came back to visit one of my best friends in the city, I knew I needed to get reacquainted.  Continue reading “Philadelphia Edition: Capogiro”

Three Fx Ice Cream and Waffles

This past weekend I was able to take an impromptu trip to Jacksonville, Florida with my cousins. The first thought that came to mind after “what am I going to pack?!?!” was “WHERE AM I GOING TO EAT?!”

My main source for a lot of my findings is  I’ve found very accurate reviews from them and I love reading about the experiences of others. After that, I search local newspaper articles and once I’m at my destination, just ask locals. Continue reading “Three Fx Ice Cream and Waffles”

Parksdale Farm Market

Last weekend I took a mini road trip with my room mate/ big sister to St. Petersburg, Florida. On the way back she insisted we stop and get strawberry shakes after seeing huge billboards for them. We pulled up to this crowded fruit market and there was a line around the building. I was feeling apprehensive about this. If I’m going to wait for food, it better be worth it. We got to the counter and all you did was say the number of what you wanted and they had a small assembly line of people putting it together. I decided on the strawberry shortcake (a personal favorite!) and my room mate got the strawberry shake. Continue reading “Parksdale Farm Market”

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