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Philippines Edition: Jollibee

Location: Worldwide with some U.S. locations

Sooooooo, it’s been a long while. A new job has had me crazy busy and to be honest with you, I’ve been in a bit of a rut. But fear not, I’m back!

I will have TONS of things to update on, but last year I got to go back to my homeland (well my mother’s), the Philippines and you better believe I had ALL of the food adventures.

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Grandma’s Kitchen

I know it’s been quite a while. A lot of distractions have kept me from blogging, but not from trying delicious foods! As the holidays are approaching, I always get drawn to comfort foods, especially when I’m feeling nostalgic about things, as the holidays tend to do to me. I was yelping some new places to check out (yelp is your friend, use it!) and was looking for something that felt like home, when I stumbled upon Grandma’s Kitchen. I mean, what a fitting name for what I’m looking for, it was serendipity! Continue reading “Grandma’s Kitchen”

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