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ShishCo Mezze & Grill

Location: 118 Lake Avenue Maitland, Florida 32751

Another perfect weekend for an adventure…especially a food one! Is there ever a bad time to try delicious food? I woke up and had one thought on my mind…kabobs! I know, such a random thing, but hey, if you want it you want it. I had heard about ShishCo and knew it was a hike, but I decided to take the trip out to Maitland to see what this place was all about. Continue reading “ShishCo Mezze & Grill”


Mediterranean Deli

Location: 981 Fairbanks Ave Orlando, FL 32804

Hello all!

It’s been a busy food adventures week for me! I thought I better start sharing the location of the places I actually go so if you’re from around here, or just visiting, you know where to go!

A friend brought me to his side of town and we decided to check out a favorite of his, Mediterranean Deli. It’s a small location found in a strip mall, but when we walked in we were greeted with a friendly “Hello Friends!” and the delightful smell of sizzling meat! I was beyond excited because I love good, fresh Greek food any day! Continue reading “Mediterranean Deli”

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