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Disney Restaurant Roundup

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while now. I’ve lived by Disney World in Orlando for years and after a lot of trial and error, have come across a few local favorites I like to frequent.

When people come to Disney, it seems to be their tendency to play it safe and only eat at chain restaurants they know, or just limit themselves to what’s found in the parks. While you can still get satisfactory food that way, there are so many awesome local options too! I also think one of the great things about Orlando is the diversity of the food choices. There are so many different cultures that have chosen to call Orlando home and we get to reap the benefits! Continue reading “Disney Restaurant Roundup”


ShishCo Mezze & Grill

Location: 118 Lake Avenue Maitland, Florida 32751

Another perfect weekend for an adventure…especially a food one! Is there ever a bad time to try delicious food? I woke up and had one thought on my mind…kabobs! I know, such a random thing, but hey, if you want it you want it. I had heard about ShishCo and knew it was a hike, but I decided to take the trip out to Maitland to see what this place was all about. Continue reading “ShishCo Mezze & Grill”

Mediterranean Deli

Location: 981 Fairbanks Ave Orlando, FL 32804

Hello all!

It’s been a busy food adventures week for me! I thought I better start sharing the location of the places I actually go so if you’re from around here, or just visiting, you know where to go!

A friend brought me to his side of town and we decided to check out a favorite of his, Mediterranean Deli. It’s a small location found in a strip mall, but when we walked in we were greeted with a friendly “Hello Friends!” and the delightful smell of sizzling meat! I was beyond excited because I love good, fresh Greek food any day! Continue reading “Mediterranean Deli”

5 days a week I find myself commuting to Tampa and sometimes I get a little sidetracked and just choose to explore. On one of these recent adventures I found myself in Ybor City. I was passing by a lot of delicious looking restaurants when one caught my eye. It didn’t seem like much at first, but I decided to give a place called Row Boat a try. This was probably the best decision I made all week. I was a little apprehensive. I walked in at about 5:00 PM and the place was deserted, but I stayed and ordered anyway.

Continue reading “Row Boat Mediterranean”

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