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New Orleans

New Orleans Edition: Pho Nola

Location: 3320 Transcontinental Drive New Orleans, LA 70119

I know what you may be thinking; you went all the way to New Orleans for Vietnamese food!? Why yes I did! Most of the trip to New Orleans was cold, rainy, and generally miserable weather. With it being like that outside, my first instinct was to find soup, any soup. Vietnamese food is like comfort food to me, so it seemed like a natural choice to check out a local Vietnamese restaurant.

After a little searching, my family and I settled on Pho Nola and I was immediately happy with the decision. The menu was extensive (they had boba too!) and unlike a lot of Vietnamese places, it seemed to be a little more modern in taste.  Continue reading “New Orleans Edition: Pho Nola”


New Orleans Edition: Central Grocery

Location: 923 Decatur Street New Orleans, LA 70116

I’m not one for tourist traps or eating at the most famous places when travelling. I used to do that and found it overrated and that as a place gets more famous, the food becomes subpar. That’s what made going to Central Grocery a risk for me. EVERYONE told me I had to go while I was in New Orleans and it was only coincidence (as in I was hungry and close to the place and nothing else was open) that brought Central Grocery and I together. Continue reading “New Orleans Edition: Central Grocery”

New Orleans Edition: Cajun Persuasion

Location: 2309 David Drive Metairie, LA 70003

After much persuasion (ayyyy, you see what I did there?! lol), I convinced my parents to take a vacation. We wanted somewhere historic, fun, and full of good food. New Orleans hit the mark on all of these things. As per usual, and also since it was my suggestion, I was the designated planner and good food seeker for the trip.

After a long drive and checking in to our hotel, food was a must. I did a quick search for Cajun food because we wanted to eat like locales, and stumbled upon this place. The name alone was enough for me to want to check out Cajun Persuasion; I love a fun, witty name!  Continue reading “New Orleans Edition: Cajun Persuasion”

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