Recommendable Edibles



Tampa Edition: Yummy House

Location: 2620 E Hillsborough Avenue Tampa, FL 33610

Oh Yummy House, you definitely live up to your name! If you’re looking for authentic, delicious Chinese food and dim sum, this is the place to be!

On a relaxing Sunday, I ventured to Tampa with some friends to see what all the hype of Yummy House was about. It was packed with people and essentially organized chaos, but we waited it out and were rewarded with happy taste buds and full stomachs.  Continue reading “Tampa Edition: Yummy House”


New Orleans Edition: Cajun Persuasion

Location: 2309 David Drive Metairie, LA 70003

After much persuasion (ayyyy, you see what I did there?! lol), I convinced my parents to take a vacation. We wanted somewhere historic, fun, and full of good food. New Orleans hit the mark on all of these things. As per usual, and also since it was my suggestion, I was the designated planner and good food seeker for the trip.

After a long drive and checking in to our hotel, food was a must. I did a quick search for Cajun food because we wanted to eat like locales, and stumbled upon this place. The name alone was enough for me to want to check out Cajun Persuasion; I love a fun, witty name!  Continue reading “New Orleans Edition: Cajun Persuasion”

Sapporo Ramen – Orlando

A little late, but the holidays were spent binge-watching cooking shows on Netflix and getting inspired to cook once again. But since I was feeling particularly lazy, I decided to search out what I was looking for instead. At the time, I had watched hours of seeking out the perfect ramen and noodle soups. So the idea was stuck in my mind, enjoying a steaming hot bowl of soup! Off I went to find this delicious goodness. I had heard about Sapporo Ramen from friends and decided to give it a try. Continue reading “Sapporo Ramen – Orlando”

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