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Noodles and Rice Cafe

Location: 813 North Mills Avenue Orlando, Florida 32803

On a lazy weekday afternoon I had a hankering for soup that had to be satisfied. Instead of going to an old favorite, I decided to take a risk and check out Noodles and Rice. I walked in and the delightful smell of soup and other delicious foods greeted me. I couldn’t wait to order and dig into the delicious eats.  Continue reading “Noodles and Rice Cafe”


New Orleans Edition: Pho Nola

Location: 3320 Transcontinental Drive New Orleans, LA 70119

I know what you may be thinking; you went all the way to New Orleans for Vietnamese food!? Why yes I did! Most of the trip to New Orleans was cold, rainy, and generally miserable weather. With it being like that outside, my first instinct was to find soup, any soup. Vietnamese food is like comfort food to me, so it seemed like a natural choice to check out a local Vietnamese restaurant.

After a little searching, my family and I settled on Pho Nola and I was immediately happy with the decision. The menu was extensive (they had boba too!) and unlike a lot of Vietnamese places, it seemed to be a little more modern in taste.  Continue reading “New Orleans Edition: Pho Nola”

Sapporo Ramen – Orlando

A little late, but the holidays were spent binge-watching cooking shows on Netflix and getting inspired to cook once again. But since I was feeling particularly lazy, I decided to search out what I was looking for instead. At the time, I had watched hours of seeking out the perfect ramen and noodle soups. So the idea was stuck in my mind, enjoying a steaming hot bowl of soup! Off I went to find this delicious goodness. I had heard about Sapporo Ramen from friends and decided to give it a try. Continue reading “Sapporo Ramen – Orlando”

Oh! My SamGyupSal Korean BBQ

To continue my mini-series on my Atlanta food adventures I had the opportunity to eat some yummy Korean BBQ, which is one of my favorite things ever! Late Sunday night, a small group of my friends and I made our way to Oh! My. They kept sounding so concerned about it only being open for another three hours, and after starting our meal I understood why.

There’s so much to talk about here, but I’ll try to break it down a little for those that haven’t had BBQ like this before. Essentially the meal consisted of grilled meat and vegetables eaten with various dipping sauces or side dishes. Below is a list of all the items included with our lengthy meal. Continue reading “Oh! My SamGyupSal Korean BBQ”

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