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St. Louis

St. Louis Edition: Ted Drewes

A friend told me to check out Ted Drewes and I didn’t need much convincing to do so. Ted Drewes is a St.Louis classic. It’s been around for almost a century and it was conveniently located on Route 66! Soooo…I can now say that I drove Route 66 as well!

I pulled up to the frozen custard stand and it was bustling with people. I was overwhelmed, but I took a glance at the extensive menu and peach caught my eye. I decided to keep it pretty classic since it was my first time. I ordered a vanilla custard with the peaches, which were frozen peach chunks. Continue reading “St. Louis Edition: Ted Drewes”


St. Louis Edition: Gooey Louie

Location: 6483 Chippewa Street St. Louis, MO 63109

So I want to start by saying that I had never heard of gooey butter cake until I visited St. Louis. Apparently this is a thing? Well, I’m the adventurous type and gooey butter cake sounds delicious, so sign me up!

I asked around and got a recommendation for Gooey Louie, especially since I felt like this would have to be the one thing to bring back home ( I don’t think ribs travel too well). I got to the small store location and walked in only to be greeted by one of the friendliest men I’ve met, and that’s even by St. Louis standards.  Continue reading “St. Louis Edition: Gooey Louie”

St. Louis Edition: Adam’s Smokehouse

Location: 2819 Watson Road St. Louis, MO 63139

So thanks to an impromptu business trip to St. Louis, I found myself with a free 4 hours to explore the city. I was so thankful because I’d never been there, but my immediate thoughts drifted to food and where to find the best of it.

After asking some locals for suggestions, I began my journey to a place called Adam’s Smokehouse. It was recommended by several people, and I knew I had to have it. How can you go to St. Louis and not get BBQ?! Continue reading “St. Louis Edition: Adam’s Smokehouse”

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